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Wake Boards and Kite Boards

Wake boards make excellent projects for students.  Wakeboards are a relatively easy project that can be carried out with minimal tools and is sure to be something well used by the student making it.  Wakeboards can be as simple as a flat bottomed board with a basic outline shaped and a round over top rail to extremely contoured bottoms, complex outline shapes, and contoured deck features. 

The contours and shapes are usually shaped into the foam core however you can also use resin putties (like an auto body filler) to shape in features that might not be possible out of foam, such as integrated fins.  Resin putty can also be used to fix errors or blemishes.

Wake Board Materials

The core of the wake board is ” Divinycell H-80 PVC foam.  This is an excellent structural foam that will hold up to a lot of abuse.  This foam can be shaped by hand however it does shape better with power tools, i.e. random orbital or lineal sanders and routers.  If you have the capability to CNC your parts it machines well with a CNC machine.

Triaxial E-glass is used to skin the wake board and to complete the sandwich structure.  Triaxial glass is preferred because the fibers are orientated to provide the best physical properties possible, in this case the unidirectional glass runs the length of the wake board providing stiffness and spring through the length of the wake board, the rest of the glass is orientated and +/- 45 degrees to the length of the board and provides torsional stiffness, reducing the twist in the wake board as it is loaded up while riding.

Wake Board Kit

Wake Board Kit contains:

    • 1 piece Divinycell H-80 16” x 55” x 3/4”
    • 2 yards 50” wide Triaxial E-Glass
    • 4 yards 6oz x 30” e-glass
    • 3 quart kit Resin Research Epoxy
    • 4- 3 post 1/4”-20 Binding inserts
    • 1 Quart Cabosil
    • Mixing Supplies

Part Number A19-WAKE, Price $152.75


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