Stinger Unlimited Paddleboard

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Enjoy gliding effortlessly through the water with this unlimited class paddleboard.  Whether you want to cover some serious distance in a hurry or simply glide along the water enjoying the view this paddleboard will provide you with an intimate aquatic experience.

Stinger has a very fine bow entry and stern so that it slices effortlessly through the water.  This paddleboard’s long waterline and narrow beam are designed to maximize its displacement speeds through the water.  The narrow beam also allows the paddler to dig deeper in the water and maximize the use of larger muscle groups in the chest and back rather than relying on the outer shoulder muscles to provide most of the effort.

The Stinger paddleboard is a stitch and glue boat, that is that the panels are wired together with temporary wire ties, which provides the shape of the hull, bulkheads are installed which verify the shape at key points, then the hull is glued together along the seams using epoxy putty and fiberglass tape.  The outside of the boat is covered in fiberglass which ties it all together and making the hull one solid piece.

The Stinger paddleboard is offered as plans and kits.  Plan sets are full size paper templates that you cut out and glue to the wood panels before cutting out.  This method is fast and accurate and will get you going without time consuming lofting.

The paddleboard kits are precision cut on a CNC router.  Using a kit will save a significant amount of time, requires less tools, and provides a consistent shape. The long panels of the paddleboard are milled out of 4mm marine grade Okoume plywood, bulkheads are milled from 5mm mahogany plywood. 

Paddleboard kits are available as a full kit which includes; the plywood parts, dimensional lumber parts (sheer clamp and deck stringers), manual and fiberglassing materials.

Wood only kits are available and contain the pre-cut plywood parts and dimensional lumber parts.

Glassing Kits contain; System Three Silvertip Epoxy Resin, Fillers, Fiberglass Cloth, Gel Magic Epoxy Putty, and Mixing Supplies.


   Stinger Paddelboard Kits

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