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The “ Chameleon” high performance surfboard is a longboard that behaves like a shortboard. When it’s built according to plan it’s an “egg” that lets you make the most of any size surf. It paddles like a dream and lets you catch waves earlier and more often. It can also be modified to be much more. You can sharpen the nose and tail for more speed and maneuverability.

  • 7’6” Egg Style
  • Finished Length - 7’6”
  • Width 22”
  • Nose 15 1/2”
  • Tail 14”
  • Thickness 3”

This kit is a complete frame including ribs and spar.  Also included is an assembly manual containing more than 160 color illustrations covering everything from laying out the frame to glassing and installing fins.

Pricing Includes shipping to the US Lower 48 states.

Hollow Wood Surfboard Frame
Thruster Glassing Kit

The Chameleon Kit Contains all the wood pieces needed to build a frame like the one shown here. You just add the outside planking and glass.  The CNC cut frame guarantees a great shaped board every time. The PDF Manual included shows all the steps

The Chameleon Glassing Kit contains the resin, fiberglass fabric, fins, and leash cup that you’ll need to glass the board.  Glassing kits are also available with just the resin and glass in the case that you already have fins and a leash cup that you want to use.

   The “Chameleon”

The Chameleon Frame Kit - Part Number A21-0706              Price $129.00 Shipping Included

Glassing Kits:

  • With Fins Part Number: A21-WSB-B-Y Price: $138.95
  • Resin and Glass Only Part: A21-WSB-B-N Price $104.55
modified chameleon tail
CNC cutting ribs 250 wide
ready for bottom planks 188 tall

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