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“The Orca” was designed for stand up paddling which requires maximum flotation and stability. It has a flat bottom and enough rocker that it is at home paddling into a wave.

  • Finished Length 12’0”
  • Width 30”
  • Nose 20 1/2”
  • Tail 19”
  • Thickness 4 1/4”

The round rails and high volume make for effortless paddling whether you are catching waves the way the ancient Hawaiians did or simply cruising the bay. Throw away the treadmill, this baby is all the workout you will need!

“The Lake Superior” was designed for stand up paddling in lakes and rivers. It has less nose and tail rocker than its cousin “The Orca” because it doesn’t have to contend with waves.

  • Finished Length 12’0”
  • Width 30”
  • Nose 20 1/2”
  • Tail 19”
  • Thickness 4 1/4”

This flatter profile makes it easier to paddle without plowing water. The round rails and high volume give stability and maximum flotation. The Lake Superior is also a great recreational float or fishing platform and can be used as a wake surfboard.

Pricing Includes shipping to the US Lower 48 states.

   The Stand Up Paddleboards: Orca and Superior

 Frame Kits:

  • The Orca Part Number A21-1200, Price $229
  • The Lake Superior, Part Number A21-1201, Price $229

Glassing Kits:

  • With Fins Part Number: A21-WSB-E-Y Price: $287.74
  • Resin and Glass Only Part: A21-WSB-E-N Price $266.41
Hollow Wood Surfboard Frame

Both the Orca and Lake superior SUP kits contains all the wood pieces needed to build a frame like the one shown here. You just add the outside planking and glass.  The CNC cut frame guarantees a great shaped board every time. The PDF Manual included shows all the steps

Kit Picture 180 wide

The Stand Up Glassing Kits contain all the resin, fiberglass fabric, fin, fin box, and leash cup that you’ll need to glass the board.  Glassing kits are also available with just the resin and glass in the case that you already have a fin and leash cup that you want to use.

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