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Our main goal is to help customers succeed with their projects.  With some that may mean getting the right materials, with others it can be getting the right tip or guidance in choosing the right technique.  We have noticed with educational users that there is often a great desire on the part of the teacher to do composite projects. The students want to do them because they are cool, look great, and are contemporary.  Educators recognize that their students become energized and learn better when they are able to do the projects that excite them. 

 The challenge becomes in getting the right information and materials so that the project is carried off properly, safely, and successfully.  Understandably when working with students their skill levels are often eclipsed by their imagination, which just means that the more pitfalls that can be taken out of the equation the higher the chances for success.

 We get hundreds of enquiries a year from students across the nation that are working on various projects. Some times they are for their senior projects, sometimes it is a shop class project and sometimes it is just for fun. Due to the interest that we’ve seen from students and educators we have developed a variety of kits to cover some of the more popular projects. These kits include wakeboards/kiteboards, skimboards, surfboards, paddleboards, and our flagship kit, longboard skateboards.

 Please keep in mind that these are just our most popular requests, if you have a composites project that you are working on and need technical advice or materials, we’re more than happy to help.

Stand-up paddleboard kits, Stand up paddleboarding is an ancient Hawaiian sport that has seen a renaissance in the last few years.  We offer a CNC plywood kit that goes together in much the same fashion as a model.  Once assembled the board is sealed in fiberglass and epoxy. The board is 11’2” long and 29” wide and suitable for paddlers up to 275lbs. The board is stable and stand up paddleboarding is a great full body workout.  It also is a great way to explore the shallows and provides a better view than kayaking or canoeing.

Surfboard kits, surfboard kits contain all of the necessary components to build a surfboard.  Surfboards are a relatively easy composites project and a good example of a stressed skin sandwich structure.  We have 25 different sizes of surfboard kits.

Longboard Skateboard Kits, Longboard skateboard kits are our flagship educational product.  These skateboards use the latest in vacuum infusion technology.  We have simplified the system and provide a detailed manual on how to build them.  The finished product is a high quality, high end skateboard, with great flex characteristics and a smooth ride.  Please see our skateboard page for more details.

Skimboard kits,  Skimboarding is a popular sport that has spread inland.  Skimboard kits include all of the components needed to build a skimboard.

Wakeboard Kits, wakeboard kits come with all of the necessary components, except  for fins, to build a wakeboard or kiteboard. 

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