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Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Kits

Stand up paddle boarding is a great water sport that is seeing a resurgence.  It is a great way to get a full body workout or to enjoy sightseeing on the water while effortlessly gliding along. 

We are working with the folks at to provide a CNC milled kit that allows a student to build a stand up paddleboard.  Assembly of the kit is much like assembling a small model, just on a larger scale.

Kit Components

Kits come with all of the components required to build the board, pre cut wood parts, glue, epoxy resin, fiberglass, fin box, masking tape, and fin.  Instructions are provided and include photographs of each step.

Tools and Build Time

Tools that are required are minimal and include: Sandpaper, block plane(optional), random orbital sander (optional but recommended), router with flush trim bit (bottom mounted bearing).

We estimate that the build time for a student would run 3-4 weeks assuming daily 50 minute periods.

Kit Pricing

Kits are $699 plus shipping and include the CNC cut wood parts, glue, fiberglass, fin box, fin, vent, resin fillers, and instruction manual.


While the shape of the board is set by the design the student does have options on how they would like to finish the board.  In the board shown here we put a simple fabric inlay on the nose of the board.  Other options are to stain the wood, pinstriping, paint, paint pen artwork, and inlaid logos.

The wood can be stained with a aniline dyes.  Consider dyeing different panels different colors to get striking results.  For more information on dyeing the panels we strongly recommend taking a look at Kayaks You Can Build, by Ted Moores pg. 140.

Pinstriping can be added around the rails and around other designs.  It can be done with paint or with markers.  We carry masking tapes that work well for pinstriping and can be used to tape out double pinlines as well.  Prep areas to be pinstriped by sanding to at least 220, higher if you are using marker, tape out your pinlines and then draw them on or paint them.  Pull the tape and let finish drying. After they have dried you may want to seal them with a clear coat.  If you need any tech advice on pinlining feel free to give us a call.

The board can be painted either before or after glassing.  If painting before glassing use a water based acrylic paint.  If painting afterwards we would suggest using a marine enamel or LPU paint, such as System Three’s WR-LPU which is a waterborne paint. Air brushing with a paint such as Createx and then sealing it with a clear coat would also be an option.

Paint Pens are another option and some really neat artwork can be done with them in a relatively short period of time.  Drew Brophy recently came out with a video on how to do paint pen artwork on surfboards, helmet, skateboards, and other objects.  It is an excellent instructional video. 

We also stock a special rice paper that can be printed on with most printers and then glassed into the board.  When the resin hits the paper it turns clear and the artwork stands out.  This is the same paper that surfboard companies use to put their logos on their boards.

Most of all have fun, enjoy the project and make it unique to you!

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