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Fiberglass Supply carries a complete line of 3M respiratory protection equipment. It is important before you select or use a respirator that you determine the following: the type of contaminates for which the respirator is being selected; the concentration level of that contaminant; whether the respirator can be properly fitted on the wearers face.  All respirator instructions, warnings and use limitations must also be read and understood by the wearer before use.  We will be happy to provide you with the information you require to select the correct respirator for your application. 

3M™ Professional Respirator 7500 Series are exceptionally comfortable, durable and easy to use.  With a face seal of an advanced liquid silicone material providing a softer feel on the face, a unique head suspension to reduce tension and pressure points and the 3M™ Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve for reduced breathing resistance, the Professional Series is the most comfortable respirator available.

open respirator

Item #

3M 7500 Professional Series Respirator Package, recommended for paint spray applications.  Includes one 3M 7500 Series Professional Half Face piece, two 3M 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridges , four 3M 5P71,P95 particulate filters and two 3M 501retainers .



7500 Respirator Half Face piece Pack, Small 3M 37077



7500 Respirator Half Face piece Pack, Medium 3M 37078



7500 Respirator Half Face piece Pack, Large 3M 37079


Item #

3M 6000 Series Low Maintenance Respirator, adaptable for a wide range of respiratory protection.  Accepts 3M 6100 Organic Vapor Cartridges (Item X65-3027) and 3M 2071 P95 Particulate Filter (Item X65-3031).  An economical alternative for occasional usage.



3M 6000 Series Respirator Face piece (3M 6200) Medium



Item #

3M 6000 Series Filters & Cartridges, fit 3M 6000 Series & 3M 7000 Series half mask face piece with Bayonet Attachment for quick changes.



3M Organic Vapor Cartridge, Package 2 ea.,  Use when painting, gel coating and laminating. Fits  7001S, 7002S, 7003S and 6200 face pieces. (3M 6001)



Case (30 Package) 3M 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge



3M  2071 P95 Particulate Filter, use for shaping, grinding & sanding.  Fits  7001S, 7002S, 7003S and 6200 face pieces. Bag 2 ea.



Case (50 Bag) 3M  2071 P95 Particulate Filter



3M  2091 P100 Particulate Filter, Meets the NIOSH CFR filtration classification, P100.  The 2091 does so with 3M's new advanced electret media (AEM).  Currently, it is the only filter not made from fiberglass components to achieve a P100 rating.  Use for all applications that in the past required the use of dust/mist/fume class or HEPA respiratory protection.  The 2091 is: light weight, versatile, simple to use, compatible, exceptionally efficient respiratory filter and priced competitively. Fits  7001S, 7002S, 7003S and 6200 face pieces. Bag 2 ea.



Case (50 Bag) 3M  2091 P100 Particulate Filter



3M 5P71 P95 Particulate Filter, attaches to 6001 organic vapor cartridge with 501 retainer where dust relief is required in conjunction with organic vapors.



Box (10 ea.) 3M 5P71 P95 Particulate Filter



Case (100 ea.) 3M 5P71 P95 Particulate Filter



3M 501 Pre Filter Retainer,



Package (20 ea.) 3M 501 Pre Filter Retainer,



Case (100 ea.) 3M 501 Pre Filter Retainer,


cleaning wipes

Item #

3M Respirator Cleaning Wipes, individually wrapped, the alcohol-free formula cleans the respirator with out a negative effect upon the face piece materials. Conveniently packaged in a dispenser style box that can be wall mounted for easy access.



3M Respirator Cleaning Wipes, Box 100 ea. (3M 504)



Case 500 ea., (3M 504) Respirator Cleaning Wipes


3m 8512 3m 8211 3m 8248 3m 8578

Item #

3M 8511 N95 "Cool Flow" Particulate Respirator, Cool Flow exhalation valve reduces heat and humidity build up inside the respirator.  Wearers will appreciate the added comfort and durability found in this respirator.  The innovative "M" nose clip helps provide a good seal against the face.  Excellent worker protection for a wide variety of sanding, fairing, shaping and grinding applications in a maintenance-free respirator.  Popular with surfboard shapers.



3M 8511 N95 Particulate Respirator,  



Box (10 ea.) 3M 8511 N95 Particulate Respirator



Case (80 ea.) 3M 8511 N95 Particulate Respirator


Item #

3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator, excellent for worker protection in a wide variety of applications.  Light weight construction promotes worker comfort and increased wear time.  Adjustable nose clip provides custom fit, secure seal and reduces potential for eye wear fogging.  Provides economic protection for minor sanding, grinding and shaping operations. 



3M 8210 N95 Dust Respirator  (2 strap)



Box (20 ea.) 3M 8210 N95 Dust Respirator



Case (160 ea.) 3M 8210 N95 Dust Respirator


Item #

3M 8247 R95 Particulate Respirator for Odors, recommended for nuisance level organic vapor relief in applications where particles are present with concentrations of organic vapors.  Use for minor lamination projects or sanding operations of freshly cured resins where good ventilation is present.  Comfortable to wear, easy to use and maintenance-free.     



3M 8247 R95 Charcoal Dust/Mist Respirator (2 strap)



Box (20 ea.) 3M 8247 R95 Dust / Mist Respirator



Case (120 ea.) 3M 8247 R95 Dust / Mist Respirator



3M 8577 P95 Charcoal Dust/Mist Respirator w/relief valve          



Box (10 ea.) 3M 8577 P95 Dust / Mist Respirator



Case (80 ea.) 3M 577 P95 Dust / Mist Respirator



Item #

Eye Protection



Comet Safety Spectacles, one piece polycarbonate lens with UV protection. Comfortable to wear and very affordable.  Meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1.


ear plugs

Item #

3M Ear Plugs, protect your hearing from loud and constant noises generated by grinding, sanding, buffing and shaping. 



3M Comfort Foam Ear Plugs, 4 pair per package, (3MH8750)



Case, 12 Packs, (3M H8750) Comfort Foam Ear Plugs, 



No single glove protects against all chemicals.  Selecting chemical-resistant hand protection is a three-step process.  Choosing the glove type with the highest rating for the chemicals involved is the first step.  The second step is the physical factors that accompany the need for chemical resistance, flexibility, grip and resistance to physical factors of cuts and abrasion.  The third is the duration and extent of contact (incidental or immersion) with the chemical.  Due to the wide variation in possible chemical mixtures, the suitability of a chemical-resistant material or product must be determined through testing by the purchaser-user.  The attached Chemical Resistance Guide is provided in the future to assist you in choosing the best glove for your application.

chemi pro

Item #

Chemi-Pro Gloves, heavy duty cotton flock-lined Neoprene over natural rubber provides increased protection against a wide range of chemicals.  Gloves are 27 mil thick for extra ruggedness and durability, and the 13" length is longer than most standard gloves for added forearm protection. This glove has proven over many years to be suitable for working with polyester resins and gel coats.  Susceptible to degradation over time from some solvents.



Chemi-Pro #224 Blue Latex Glove Size 7, Pair



Bag (12 Pair) Chemi-Pro #224 Glove, Size 7



Chemi-Pro #224 Blue Latex Glove Size 8, Pair



Bag (12 Pair) Chemi-Pro #224 Glove, Size 8



Chemi-Pro #224 Blue Latex Glove Size 9, Pair



Bag (12 Pair) Chemi-Pro #224 Glove, Size 9



Chemi-Pro #224 Blue Latex Glove Size 10, Pair



Bag (12 Pair) Chemi-Pro #224 Glove, Size 10



Contact us for pricing on larger quantities & information on other gloves that are available


Item #

Disposable Latex Exam Glove, 5 mil 100% natural rubber latex glove.  Use and toss in trash to minimize exposure.



Box (100 ea.) Disposable Latex Exam Glove (M)



Box (100 ea.) Disposable Latex Exam Glove (L)



Box (100 ea.) Disposable Latex Exam Glove (XL)



Item #

Dura-Touch Vinyl Disposable Glove. 6.5 mil. PVC unmatched for quality and durability.  Used for Laboratory work, Light duty maintenance and clean up and painting.  Use and toss.



Dura-Touch Vinyl Disposable Glove, Medium, Box 100ea.



Dura-Touch Vinyl Disposable Glove, Large, Box 100ea.



Dura-Touch Vinyl Disposable Glove, Extra Large, Box 100ea.



Item #

Touch N Tuff Disposable Nitrite Glove, 4 mil 100% nitride compound offers high level of resistance to nuisance nicks, cuts, and punctures, as well as providing superior splash protection against irritating chemicals.  Use and toss.



Box 100 ea. Touch N Tuff Nitrite Disposable Gloves, Size 7.5-8



Box 100 ea. Touch N Tuff Nitrite Disposable Gloves, Size 8.5-9



Box 100 ea. Touch N Tuff Nitrite Disposable Gloves, Size 9.5-10



Item #

Tyvex Coveralls, "Moon Suits" protect clothing from dust and splashing chemicals. Elastic at Wrist and Ankle



Tyvex Coverall, Small



Case (25 ea.) Tyvex Coverall, (S)



Tyvex Coverall,  Medium



Case (25 ea.) Tyvex Coverall,  (M)



Tyvex Coverall,  Large



Case (25 ea.) Tyvex Coverall,  (L)



Tyvex Coverall,  Extra Large



Case (25 ea.) Tyvex Coverall,  (XL)



Tyvek Sleeves, each


Item #

3M Paint Buster Hand Cleaner, a cream type hand cleaner that is non-toxic and non-caustic, enabling quick removal of marine repair and refinish materials from hands without the use of skin damaging solvents.



10.5 fl. Oz. Tube, 3m Paint Buster Hand Cleaner, (05975)



Case 12 Tubes, 3m Paint Buster Hand Cleaner, (05975)


Item #

SBS 40 Medicated Skin Cream, helps soothe minor skin irritation and helps prevent dermatitis.



5 fl. Oz. Tube, SBS40 Medicated Cream


Item #

SBS 46 Protective Barrier Cream, helps protect skin from damaging irritants such as epoxy hardeners.  Use in conjunction with protective gloves.



5 fl. Oz. Tube, SBS46 Protective Cream


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