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Fiberglass Supply
11824 Water Tank Rd
Burlington, WA 98233
Telephone:  (509) 493-3464  M-F   8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
e-mail:  fiberglass@gorge.net
Web Sight: www.fiberglasssupply.com

Motto: "Itching for Fun!"
Technical: Matthew Weaver, Jose Reeves
Order: Jose Reeves, Jason Matheny, Matthew Weaver

Fiberglass Supply is located in Burlington Washington, in the Port of Skagit County industrial park adjacent the Skagit County Airport.  We moved to this location in March of 2008 after being in the Columbia River Gorge for 19 years.

Fiberglass Supply is in the business of providing materials and supplies to the fiberglass reinforced plastic/composite industry.  Originally, we concentrated our efforts by providing the specialized materials required for boat, surfboard and sailboard (windsurfer) fabrication to the craftsmen who carry on this trade.  However, our equation of breaking down bulk materials to user-friendly quantities, has received wide-ranging acceptance from a diversity of individuals and businesses that work with reinforced plastics.  We serve a growing customer base throughout the world. 

With many years of hands on experience in reinforced plastics manufacturing and two decades of recognized leadership in the distribution of reinforced plastic/composite materials we are uniquely qualified to help you get er done.